Who are we?

We are a corporate consulting agency with a focus in business protection on the executive and ownership level.


Have you ever considered what would happen to your company if you could no longer function as an executive or owner? What would happen to the business in the absence of your skills and leadership? At Exigent Financial Consulting, working with key management we provide the highest level of expertise and planning experience to lock in the succession of your company. Because if you even have one person working with you, that is one person and family who is reliant on the success of your company. So consider the ramifications that would occur in your absence and let Exigent help you lock in a proper succession plan for you, your partners, employees, and families.

Areas of Focus

At Exigent Financial Consulting we have a sole focus in business continuity planning.


We provide the best in depth review of you current Buy-Sell Agreement and funding analysis.

Buy-Sell Agreement Funding

We are experts in plan design for Buy-Sell Funding with Life Insurance.


We design the best plans for key employee retention (golden handcuff) and company security.

Business Valuation

We offer access to business valuations that help determine planning guidelines for a Buy-Sell Agreement.

Exigent is the Best

We provide first class service and expertise to make the planning as smooth and comprehensive as possible!


Exigent Financial Consulting, LLC provides first class service to top executives and owners. We mix the best technology with a harmonious relationship to provide the best overall experience.


We are backed by experts with over 100 years of combined industry experience and are driven by young talent who has rejuvenated the world of life insurance and business planning.


We share the upmost respect for the companies we choose to work with, love to help our clients in any situation and hold discretion in the highest regard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Exigent Financial Consulting all about, find out below!

What is a Hybrid Agreement?

This type of agreement is a combination of the previous Buy-Sell Agreements, requiring the remaining owners and business to purchase the interest of the departing owner.

Why do companies use Life Insurance to Fund Buy-Sell Agreements

With a buy–sell agreement that is funded by life insurance, the company or the individual co-owners buy life insurance policies on the lives of each co-owner. Life insurance is a great way to leverage the cost of the premiums as apposed to having cash on hand to execute on a buy-sell agreement.


In this type of Buy-Sell Agreement, the co-owners agree to buy out the exiting or deceased owner’s share at a specified price.


Companies could consider a buy-sell agreement as early as the companies inception, the one thing to understand is that companies values and needs change and your agreement needs to be reviewed and changed along with it.

What is a Redemption Agreement?

In this type of Buy-Sell Agreement, the company buys the exiting or deceased owner’s share. The company will typically have a life insurance policy for each owner and use the resulting money to purchase the deceased owner’s share.

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Exigent Financial Consulting, LLC mission is to help secure the succession of companies, deliver top tier service, and help in all situations concerning the future of your business. Knowing that many employees and families rely on the future of the great companies we work with!

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