Drive Revenue with Better Customer Engagement

Our first-of-its-kind, Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution allows B2B software companies to accelerate sales, improve customer experience and reduce churn through customized account management. And do it at scale.

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What is Customer Lifecycle Management?

Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the shepherding of software prospects through the account phases of consideration, purchase, onboarding and support.

GOOD customer lifecycle management—the kind that boosts revenue and creates loyal, happy users—requires good human relationships and alignment. Mergeable enables cross-departmental planning, monitoring and implementation of good customer-lifecycle management from the first user, to the first million users (and beyond).

Accelerate POCs with real-time customer-engagement data

What if you could knock a week off a 30-day sales process? Mergeable allows sales teams to monitor exactly when prospects complete proof-of-concept (POC) or trial steps. And it clearly reveals where friction slows the process.

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Forecast sales with hard data on prospect activity

What if sales forecasts were no longer subjective? With reliable user data and machine learning, Mergeable instantaneously quantifies an answer to the question: “Are we on track to close by the end of the month?”

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Improve onboarding with seamless data sharing

Do your customers answer the same questions twice? With Mergeable, customer requirements, success plans and engagement data are shared by pre- and post-sales teams. This allows for a seamless transition from prospect to customer.

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Predict (and avoid) churn with engagement algorithms

What if you knew exactly which customers were at risk? Mergeable’s algorithms analyze customer-engagement data to accurately predict churn. Plus, it can alert account reps to check in with disengaged customers.


Scale operations with AI monitoring and task automation

What if AI could help you manage more accounts effectively? From pre-sales to customer success, teams customize Mergeable to monitor account activity, analyze customer health and automate time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Empower Your Non-Technical Teams

Mergeable is designed for the non-technical teams in your organization, not just the engineers. With just 20 minutes of guided engineering time, you'll have your product API added, your customer’s uploaded, and integrations with existing tools such as Slack, Salesforce and AWS. After that, you'll never need engineering support again with an information request. Simple, customized dashboards will give your non-technical teams the relevant information and support to do what they do best—build customer relationships.

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    "Who is doing what and what progress has the prospect made?"

    "How do we scale our team to manage more evaluations without dropping the ball?"

    "We need a way to codify, map, and automate requirements and the success criteria for our prospects."

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    Sales Ops

    "Which evaluations are actually active?"

    "Forecasting in near real-time is important and it can't be based solely on subjective feedback from the sales team."

    "There needs to be a better, more quantitative way to track success rate, number of evaluations, and churn."

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    Customer Success

    "Predicting churn and understanding the lifecycle of a customer is really important yet a cumbersome process at the moment, requiring multiple integrations"

    "We really need to know who is doing what and when, and at the API-level. Clicks aren’t nearly as helpful."

    "One person manages several accounts, making it difficult to scale and allocate resources. We need a way to automate more of our behaviors to ensure that every account is managed appropriately."

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    Non-technical Resources
    "Our engineering team is consistently asked to query data or build tracking into the product for non-technical teams."

    Internal Product Coding
    "We need to test our own internal, private APIs."

    A/B Testing
    "Testing new apps, whether you are a PM or in engineering can take time and requires us to write code in line to test the apps."

"Knowing if a prospect and or customer is tracking positively is invaluable. Mergeable allows us to be prescriptive and proactive."

Pawel Gieniec

Founder of CloudAdmin

Customer Success Begins with Sales

At Mergeable, we believe customer success is an ideology that spans all aspects of building, selling and maintaining software solutions. Whether you’re in the cloud or on-site, SaaS or IoT, SMB or Fortune 1000, accurate user data and analysis has revenue-driving value to all divisions of your company. Mergeable makes it available, and simple.

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