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A blockchain where there are no limits to
what can be built via Smart Chain architecture.

GALLACTIC, is an infinitely scalable, high-speed blockchain to execute the next generation of
Smart Contracts and decentralized applications of the future.


Gallactic A Product By Finterra

Defining 'Smarter Blockchains'

Imagine a blockchain that has almost unlimited scalability – where: speed of block resolution is mere seconds, transaction costs could be reduced to become almost invisible, trust and security hold the highest priority, and where developers can configure their blockchain solutions to match exactly their requirements with a modular and agile architecture.

A world where decentralized application becomes as invisible to the end user as opening a web browser or a mobile application. This is the world GALLACTIC is building, one block of trust at a time.

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Developer-Friendly Blockchain Platform

If you want to develop projects of your own, or for the global Galactic community, you can easily setup your own blockchain with GALLACTIC.

The GALLACTIC public network is built to perform the following roles

  • Serve as the base chain for the GALLACTIC network token GTX.
  • Facilitate transactions between other Smart Chains.
  • Act as a source of security for Smart Chains to checkpoint upon.
  • Launch pad for new ecosystem Smart Chain Creation.


Aims to solve the limitations of existing blockchains and the most painful issues facing by the industry today such as scalability, interoperability and upgradeability issues as well as high transaction cost.

GALLACTIC is in the best position to revolutionize a global scenario that is fraught with an ever-expanding myriad of pressing and unfulfilled needs. It is time to bring in a robust and best-in-class blockchain that lives up to the initial promise that has been extended to online and open source communities over the last few years.

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What Makes GALLACTIC Different From Others?

In this rapidly expanding scenario, GALLACTIC has uniquely positioned itself to capitalize on the increasingly sophisticated needs of blockchain adopters with its robust and innovative blockchain architecture.

The GALLACTIC Blockchain Project is a future-facing project that involves the development of state-of-the art blockchain architecture – built with next-generation blockchain technology to support GALLACTIC’s Open Source Development Environment, Ecosystem, and Interoperability Initiative.

A chain that let's you scale your Blockchain tech,
without compromising
security and speed.

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GALLACTIC is interoperable with smart contracts in high-profile blockchain ecosystems, all requiring GTX to be exchanged.

Consumer Banking

GTX is designed to be easily transferred between wallet holders anywhere in the world - sending money home has never been easier.


Many service providers including hotels, airlines and telco's as well as online and offline merchants will be accepting GTX as payment.

Features of GALLACTIC

GALLATIC is reimaging the meaning of consensus. Our team of world-class engineers have developed a highly evolved technology platform that sets the benchmark for tokenisation, smart contracting, ledger performance, and consensus features. And it’s almost ready for launch.


When we planned our rollout, we thought of our customers first. That’s why our development and implementation roadmap is geared around serving entrepreneurs, business owners and token owners initially.

  • Q4.2017, Q1 - Q2.2018

    – Plans to conceive, build,
    and deploy future of decentralized

    – Begins alpha development of
    Blockchain and tools

  • Q3.2018

    – Gallactic Public Chain (testnet launch)

    – API Library Beta
    – Block Explorer Beta
    – Dapp Framework Beta

  • Q4.2018

    – Crowdsale Launch

    – GTX listed on global exchanges

    – OS Dev Chain Beta

  • Q1 - Q2.2019

    – Gallactic Public Chain 1.0 Mainnet Launch (Q1)

    – Block Explorer 1.0 (Q1)
    – OS Dev Chain Launch 1.0 (Q2)
    – Dapp / API 1.0 (Q2)

  • Q3 - Q4.2019

    – OS Dev Advanced toolbox (Q3)
    – Gallactic Public Chain 2.0 (Q4)
    – Cosmos Smart Chain 1.0 (Q4)

  • Q1 - Q4.2020

    – Ethereum Smart Chain 1.0 (Q1)
    – Cardano Smart Chain 1.0 (Q3)
    – Polkadot Smart Chain 1.0 (Q4)

  • Q1 - Q2.2021

    – NEO Smart Chain 1.0 (Q1)

    – Gallactic Public Chain 3.0 (Q2)

The Gallactic Blockchain Project

A State-of-the-Art Blockchain Architecture Development & Deployment

A State-of-the-Art Blockchain Architecture Development & Deployment

The GALLACTIC Blockchain Project will serve 3 categories of Primary Stakeholders (Users):

• Open Source Community Members looking to fast-track their development projects
• Individuals who want to participate in the new digital economy and smart-contract products and services within the GALLACTIC Blockchain Architecture
• Businesses that need a solid and innovative technology infrastructure to future-proof their adoption of blockchain technology.

Token Funds Allocation

GALLACTIC encompasses all that is right in the blockchain ecosystem. It is innovative, open and collaborative, all the while promoting social and financial responsibility.

GALLACTIC Foundation
Funds Allocation (20%)

Core Development5%
Reserve / Contigency4%

GALLACTIC Technologies
Funds Allocation (20%)

Software Service Development30%
Accelerator / Incubator20%

Event and News

The GALLACTIC News Company Blog contains all the latest News along with details of new developments and success stories designed to help your business get the most from your blockchain industry and ICO investment as well as get ahead in the market. Plus find out about all the latest events that GALLACTIC will be taking part in over the coming months.


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We are proud to present our vision of the future. With GALLACTIC, we aim to become the
leader in blockchain technology and decentralized architecture.

Introducing GALLACTIC

Imagine a blockchain that has almost unlimited scalability, where speed of block resolution was mere seconds, where transaction costs could be reduced to become almost invisible, where trust and security hold the highest priority, and where users can configure their blockchain solutions to match exactly their requirements with a modular and agile architecture.

A world where decentralized application become as invisible to the end user as opening a web browser or a mobile application.

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